Goddess Kale Salad

September 27, 2015

If there were a tabloid for vegetables, kale would be on the front cover.  Kale’s celebrity may wane, but its nutritional profile will remain stellar.  So high in [Read more]

Recipe for Young Coconut Kefir

August 17, 2015

Young Coconut Kefir 1. What moist and fresh young coconuts look like.             2. Examples of old, moldy coconuts: The water inside may still [Read more]

Kamut Berry Salad

August 11, 2015

Anyone can bring a plain old potato salad to a BBQ. Potato salad, macaroni salad and burgers: sound familiar?   Yawn. The next time you are required to bring a side-dish, [Read more]

Cauliflower Pizza

July 20, 2015

As summer settles, we want to spend less time in our kitchens and more time in the sun. However, those who have tried the salad-only diet realize that there is a lot lacking, [Read more]

Quinoa Salad

July 3, 2015

Even though quinoa seems like the new hip grain, it is thousands of years old.  Yes, we said thousands.  Dating back to the Incas, it is one of the most protein-rich foods [Read more]